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Are you "LinkedIn" to China?

If you're doing business, or considering doing business in China, the right online presence is key. Chicago Mayor Daley once noted that it was important to understand the role that China plays in the changing global economy. He observed that "Chinese is as important as English as a language of commerce."  

Chances are that your LinkedIn and other online profiles could be working a lot harder for you. TransChina Media can help. Starting with the translation of your English name into Chinese, we'll translate your entire LinkedIn profile. As you may know, Chinese businessmen and women often relate to those who can speak/use Chinese language (even a little). This often can make or break a business deal. Your profile will be translated in a way that considers Chinese cultural preferences and most importantly, business etiquette. 

A small investment to reach 384 Million Chinese business people online now! Contact us for more details.

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